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Giulio Bottazzi
Professor of Economics and Dean
Faculty of Social Sciences

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Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna
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56127 Pisa Italy

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Recent stuff

Errata page [2014-08-20 Wed]

I've added a page collecting the errata in my papers that I'm aware of. If you happen to notice other mistakes, please notify me.

presentation in Jena, Germany [2014-07-29 Tue]

I've presented at the 15th Conference of the International Schumpeter Society. See the slides of my presentation.

Released version 5.6 of gbutils [2014-06-26 Thu]

The new version include a 'man' page for all main programs, updated help messages with examples and new features. The utilities gbacorr and gbxcorr for correlation analysis has been rewritten from scratch. Ther new deb packages and the source code ara available in the usual cafed repository. More information are available in the project page.

Beijing Normal University Exchange Programme [2013-09]

I lectured a group of undergraduate students from the Beijing Normal University about Betting rules and Information Theory.

Summer School of Mathematics for Economics and Social Sciences, San Miniato [2013-09]

The School is a collaboration between the International Doctoral Program in Economics in Scuola Sant'Anna and the Research Center in Mathematics "Ennio de Giorgi". The topic of this year was "Information theory, chaos and ergodicity with application to data analysis" and the main teachers were Stefano Marmi and Fabrizio Lillo


COST PhD School at Reykjavik [2013-07]


I lectured about recent and less-recent results on wealth selection in asset markets with an Introduction to Evolutionary Fianance in a COST action sponsored PhD School.

PRIN09 second mid-term meeting [2013-05]

The third meeting of the project The growth of firms and countries: distributional properties and economic determinants was organized by the Sant'Anna unit in Pisa. The program is available here



Older stuff

Older material is collected here.

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