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Below you can find part of the software I wrote for my research and teaching activity. It is a quite heterogeneous collection of programs, both in terms of scope and quality.

All these programs have been developed, tested and used in Linux (different flavors). They should compile and run, with none or minor modifications, on any Unix platform. The porting to different OSes, however, can require major rewriting and has never been tested.

Please notice that all the software described in these pages has been mainly written for personal use, and is distributed under the General Public License in the hope it could be of help to other people. It is provided "as is" without express or implied warranty to the extent permitted by applicable law.


Alka-linux is a linux distribution aimed at providing a simple and user friendly environment for the econometric and economic analysis. The OS can be booted from a CD and don't require any previous installation. Light-wight software allow the system to run smoothly also on older machines. See the project web page.


A set of statistical utilities. They are intended as an help to people using gnuplot, indeed their output is designed in a format suitable to be sent to gnuplot for plotting. They take ASCII data files as input. Utilities to obtain binned density (histogram), kernel estimated density, cumulative distribution and binned statistics from data are included. All the programs are written in C. See the project page.


subbotools is a set of programs written to deal with Asymmetric and Symmetric Exponential Power distributions. It includes programs for the maximum likelihood estimation of parameters and random numbers generators. All the programs are written in C.


This package contains programs providing a simulation framework for the analysis of a specific financial market model. For the description of the model, see the working paper A Simple Micro-Model of Market Dynamics Part I: The "Homogenous Agents" Deterministic Limit. All the programs are written in C++. See the project web page.


This package contains various programs related to the Bottazzi-Secchi model of industry dynamics described in On the Laplace Distribution of Firms Growth Rates. Some of the programs are written in Python, some in C. See the project home page.


NAIF (Numerical Analysis of Investment Functions) is a program to for simulating the trading activities of an heterogeneous group og agents in a simple two-good economy. See the web page.


Polyloc is a program to estimate a model of firm location. See the web page.


This package contains the file needed to perform simulations of the model of industrial dynamics described in G.Bottazzi, G.Dosi and G.Rocchetti Modes of Knowledge Accumulation, Entry Regimes and Patterns of Industrial Evolution Industrial and Corporate Change 10,3 (2001). All the programs are written in Python and require various packages and modules that are freely and publicly available.


multimin is an interface to the GNU Scientific Library minimization routines. It is a simple C function that accepts the function to be minimized, possibly its derivatives, the initial conditions and the minimization options as formal parameters.

spanning tree

spanntre is a collection of routines for the calculation of maximum and minimum spanning tree of weighted graphs. It can be used for directed or undirected graph. In case the graph is made of several disjoint pieces, the routines return a spanning forest (i.e. the union of several spanning tree).

config file

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