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with A. Antico and D. Giachini On the evolutionary stability of the sentiment investor Abstract PDF

with D. Giachini Strategically biased learning in market interactions Abstract PDF


with D. Giachini Selection in incomplete markets and the CAPM portfolio rule Abstract PDF

with F. Cordoni, G. Livieri and S. Marmi Stock Recommendations from Stochastic Discounted Cash Flows Abstract PDF

with F. Cordoni, G. Livieri and S. Marmi Uncertainty in Firm Valuation and a Cross-Sectional Misvaluation Measure Abstract PDF


with Daniele Giachini New Results on Betting Strategies, Market Selection, and the Role of Luck Abstract PDF

with Pietro Dindo and Daniele Giachini Momentum and Reversal in Financial Markets with Persistent Heterogeneity Abstract PDF


with Le Li and Angelo Secchi Aggregate fluctuations and the distribution of firm growth rates Abstract PDF


with D.Giachini Far from the Madding Crowd: Collective Wisdom in Prediction Markets Abstract PDF

with D.Giachini Wealth and Price Distribution by Diffusive Approximation in a Repeated Prediction Market Abstract PDF

with A.De Sanctis and F.Vanni Non-performing loans, systemic risk and resilience in financial networks Abstract PDF


with P.Dindo and D.Giachini Long-run Heterogeneity in an Exchange Economy with Fixed-Mix Traders Abstract PDF

with U.Gragnolati and F.Vanni Non-linear externalities in firm localization Abstract PDF

with P.Dindo Drift criteria for persistence of discrete stochastic processes on the line Abstract PDF


with S. Bianchini and F. Tamagni What does (or does not) determine persistent corporate high-growth ? Abstract PDF

with F. Vanni A numerical estimation method for discrete choice models with non-linear externalities Abstract PDF


with D.Pirino and F.Tamagni Zipf Law and the Firm Size Distribution: a critical discussion of popular estimators Abstract PDF

with A.Secchi Financial Fragility and the Distribution of Firm Growth Rates Abstract PDF

with M.Grazzi Dynamics of productivity and cost of labor in Italian Manufacturing firms Abstract PDF


with M.Duenas The Evolution of the Business Cycles and Growth Rates Distributions Abstract PDF


with A.Secchi A New Class of Asymmetric Exponential Power Densities with Applications to Economics and Finance Abstract PDF

with M. Anufriev, G. Bottazzi, M. Marsili, P. Pin Excess Covariance and Dynamic Instability in a Multi-Asset Model Abstract PDF

with P. Dindo Selection in asset markets: the good, the bad, and the unknown Abstract PDF


with P. Dindo Evolution and market behavior with endogenous investment rules Abstract PDF

with U. Gragnolati Cities and clusters: economy-wide and sector-specific effects in corporate location Abstract PDF

with D. Pirino Measuring Industry Relatedness and Corporate Coherence Abstract PDF

with A. Secchi and F. Tamagni Financial Constraints and Firm Dynamics Abstract PDF

with F. Tamagni Is Bigger Always Better? The effect of Size on Defaults Abstract PDF


with M. Grazzi, A. Secchi, F. Tamagni Financial and Economic Determinants of Firm Default Abstract PDF

with G.Devetag and F.Pancotto Does Volatility matter? Expectations of price return and variability in an asset pricing experiment Abstract PDF


with P. Dindo An evolutionary model of firms location with technological externalities Abstract PDF

with P.Dindo Localized technological externalities and the geographical distribution of firms Abstract PDF


with M. Grazzi, A. Secchi and F. Tamagni, Assessing the Impact of Credit Ratings and Economic Performance on Firm Default Abstract PDF

A comment on the relationship between firms' size and growth rate Abstract PDF

On the Irreconcilability of Pareto and Gibrat Laws Abstract PDF

with A. Secchi Repeated Choices under Dynamic Externalities Abstract PDF

On the Pareto Type III Distribution Abstract PDF

with G. Dosi, G. Fagiolo and A. Secchi Modeling Industrial Evolution in Geographical Space Abstract PDF

with M. Grazzi Wage Structure in Italian Manufacturing Firms Abstract PDF


with A.Secchi Maximum Likelihood Estimation of the Symmetric and Asymmetric Exponential Power Distribution Abstract PDF

with A.Secchi and F.Tamagni Productivity, Profitability and Financial Fragility: Empirical Evidence from Italian Business Firms Abstract PDF

with A.Secchi and F.Tamagni Financial Fragility and Growth Dynamics of Italian Business Firms Abstract PDF


with A. Coad, N. Jacoby and A. Secchi Corporate Growth and Industrial Dynamics: Evidence from French Manufacturing Abstract PDF

with A. Secchi Explaining the Distribution of Firms Growth Rates Abstract PDF

with M. Anufriev Price and Wealth Dynamics in a Speculative Market with an Arbitrary Number of Generic Technical Traders Abstract PDF


with M. Grazzi and A. Secchi Characterising the Production Process: A Disaggregated Analysis of Italian Manufacturing Firms Abstract PDF

with M. Anoufriev and F. Pancotto Price and Wealth Asymptotic Dynamics with CRRA Technical Trading Strategies Abstract PDF

with M. Anoufriev Asset Pricing Model with Heterogeneous Investment Horizons Abstract PDF

with G. Dosi, G. Fagiolo, A. Secchi Sectoral and Geographical Specificities in the Spatial Structure of Economic Activities Abstract PDF

Subbotools User's Manual Abstract PDF

with A.Sapio and A.Secchi Some Statistical Investigations on the Nature and Dynamics of Electricity Prices Abstract PDF

with A.Secchi On the Laplace shape of the distribution of firms growth rates, Free University of Bozen, School of Economics Working Paper 41, Bozen 2004 PDF


with E.Cefis, G.Dosi, A.Secchi Invariances and Diversities in the Evolution of Manufacturing Industries Abstract PDF

with Giovanna Devetag Expectations structure in asset pricing experiments Abstract PDF

with Angelo Secchi Sectoral Specifities in the Dynamics of U.S. Manufacturing Firms Abstract PDF


with Giovanni Dosi and Igor Rebesco Institutional Achitectures and Behavioural Ecologies in the Dynamics of Financial Markets: a Preliminary Investigation Abstract PDF

with Giovanni Dosi and Giorgio Fagiolo Mapping Sectoral Patterns of Technological Accumulation into the Geography of Corporate Locations. A Simple Model and Some Promising Evidence Abstract PDF

with Angelo Secchi On The Laplace Distribution of Firms Growth Rates Abstract PDF

A Simple Micro-Model of Market Dynamics Part I: The "Homogenous Agents" Deterministic Limit Abstract PDF

with Giovanna Devetag Coordination and Self-Organization in Minority Games: Experimental Evidence Abstract PDF


with Giovanni Dosi and Giorgio Fagiolo *On the Ubiquitous Nature of the Agglomeration Economies and their Diverse Determinants: Some Notes* Abstract PDF

with Elena Cefis and Giovanni Dosi Corporate Growth and Industrial Structure. Some Evidence from the Italian Manufacturing Industry Abstract PDF

with Giovanni Dosi and Gaia Rocchetti Modes of Knowledge Accumulation, Entry Regimes and Patterns of Industrial Evolution Abstract PDF

with Giovanni Dosi, Marco Lippi, Fabio Pammolli and Massimo Riccaboni Innovation and Corporate Growth in the Evolution of the Drug Industry Abstract PDF

Firm Diversification and the Law of Proportionate Effect Abstract PDF


with Giovanni Dosi, Marco Lippi, Fabio Pammolli and Massimo Riccaboni Processes of corporate growth in the evolution of an innovation-driven industry. The case of pharmaceuticals. Abstract PDF

with Giovanna Devetag and Giovanni Dosi Adaptive Learning and Emergent Coordination in Minority Games Abstract PDF

Before 2000

Angular ordering and structure function at small x Milano Preprint IFUM-575-FT, April 1997. 6pp. e-Print Archive: hep-ph/9708474 Abstract Postscript Other format

with G. Marchesini, G.P. Salam and M. Scorletti, Structure functions and angular ordering at small x Milano Preprint IFUM-552-FT, Feb 1997. 22pp. e-Print Archive: hep-ph/9702418 Abstract Postscript

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