curriculum vitae

For the lazy ones, you can just download my cv in pdf format. I provide a version in English and a (outdated) version in Italian.

For those who happen to be interested in the way I manage them, please find below my CV in reSructuredText format. These are simple ASCII files which can be read with any editor and transformed in HTML or PDF files using the Docutils tools.

For instance, to obtain a PDF version of the CV in English you can use the rst to LaTex translator and convert the latex result in PDF with the following sequence of commands:

rst2latex --stylesheet-path=latex2e.tex cveng.txt > cveng.tex
latex cveng.tex
dvips cveng.dvi -o
ps2pdf cveng.ps

The file latex2e.tex contains appropriate formatting instructions and it is commonly distributed with the Docutils package. For your convenience a copy is provided below.

If you don't have the Docutils tools, you can use the online render to obtain HTML versions: just cut-and-paste the files below.

cveng.txt curriculum vitae in English

shortcveng.txt short (around 2K characters) curriculum vitae in English

minicv.txt very brief CV in English

cvita.txt curriculum vitae in Italian (outdated)

shortcvita.tx short (around 2K characters) curriculum vitae in Italian (outdated)

latex2e.tex stylesheet for LaTeX rendering of ReST docs

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