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Giulio Bottazzi
Professor of Economics and Dean
Faculty of Social Sciences

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Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna
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56127 Pisa Italy

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Recent stuff

San Miniato Summer School [2015-09]

This year has been my turn as a lecturer. With Pietro Dindo and Daniele Giachini we have organized and delivered the teaching at the Summer School of Mathematics for Economics and Social Sciences in San Miniato. See the web page. The title of the lectures was Financial Economics 2.0: bubbles, instability and speculation and here is the syllabus.

Hokkaido Summer School [2015-08]

I've been invited to lecture at the Hokkaido University as part of a Graduate Summer School. I've been told that this page was the announcement on local newspaper (it's in Japanese!). They organized a nice round table collecting scientists from different disciplines and I had the chance to speak a bit about the relevance of distributional properties in Economic analysis. Many thanks to Simona Settepanella for inviting me!

Scuola Estiva 2015 [2015-06]

I lectured many students selected among the best Italian High Schools about the history of the notion of risk in Economics and Finance. The video (in Italian) is available on the website Scuola Estiva 2015.

gbutils added to official Debian repositories [2015-05]

The gbutils package is now part of the Debian official repositories Many thanks to the maintainer Pietro Battiston!

Released version 0.6 of the bose package [2015-04]

Updated to use the new mathematical modules of Python. Check the project page for more information.

Older stuff

Older material is collected here.

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